Custom Buttons Has a New Blog!

Welcome to the home page for the custom buttons blog, proudly brought to you by Everyone Loves Buttons, INC. and Custom Buttons.

We, of course, make buttons! We are starting a new blog to help us interact with our community and friends that we’ve developed over the years we’ve been in business (since 1997! Can you believe it!). So, this is our blog, and welcome! Also, we do have a website but it is more challenging to update and our friend told us that we should create a blog.

Some of the common questions we have about our buttons include such things as how to make custom buttons, what is the process if you wanted to make your own custom buttons (we can show you how! We’re planning on some great posts in the coming months!) and what are some of the resources we can find online that might help get started in the industry.

In fact, its not difficult to make buttons at all. Once you get practice with the button machines, you can make 200-300 per hour, easily.

Also, they can be very fun! You can make buttons for your kid’s parties, special events or church functions. Anything, really! Most commonly though, you might find political campaign buttons (or variations on the campaign-button theme) and special event buttons (such as a grand opening).

In the coming months, we’ll add our other information and will respond to any feedback from our visitors.

Thank you for stopping by and look forward to meeting our blog followers for our new custom buttons blog!